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A Peek Into Last Week

We had a little birthday party for Kierstyn last Sunday. She was most excited about the opening of gifts and the wrapping paper.

Champ got to come and he was quite excited about the gifts! Especially this one from Grandma and Grandpa. 🙂

The hit of the party was this balloon, though!

We got an ice cream cake and let Kierstyn have a piece and she didn’t quite know what to do with it! But she eventually loved eating some of it!

I shared this on Instagram:

Monday’s baseball game was rough. Silas fumbled a few key plays and the other team ended up winning by one run. He’s usually all smiles and he lets things roll off his back… but, this time, as soon as the game was over, I saw tears very uncharacteristically welling up in his eyes. I went over to him and hugged him and he expressed how he felt like he had let his team down and the loss was his fault.

After the post-game meeting with his team, I looked and saw Jesse had pulled him aside and was speaking words of grace and truth to him. And, as I sat there and watched their exchange, it was such a beautiful picture of what our Heavenly Father thinks of us.

He loves us on the days when we are fantastic and the days when we fumble, when hit the home run and when we strike out.

His love isn’t based upon our abilities or aptitude. His love doesn’t change when we mess up, misstep, or make a mistake.

The more we can see ourselves as God sees us, the less time we will spend beating ourselves up and feeling frustrated over our failures.

“Lord, let me remember and rest in Your love for me today — even during the hard and difficult moments. Thank you for loving me so much more deeply than I deserve. Let my response to your great love for me be one of living my poured out for others and boldly sold out for you. Let me stand in confidence in Your love and approval of me so much so that I don’t seek or long for or need the approval or accolades or praise of others. I am enough in You. Your love is enough for me. Let me live as a loved daughter of the King of kings today — because that’s who I am in You!”

She wanted to put some lip gloss on!

Silas and I went to see two of my youth group girls perform in Fiddler on the Roof.

These two have the sweetest bond.

As do these two!

Guess what finally came out last week? The Love-Centered Parenting audiobook!! It’s available for just $9.99 on Christian Audio right now (and yes, I narrated it!)

On Friday night and all day Saturday, we had Camp No Boys Allowed with our youth group girls at church. In addition to great worship, teaching, and small group time, there was plenty of time for fun, too!

Like the Silent Disco night!

And dance parties and games…

And the group competition (this year’s theme was Decades music. This is Kathrynne’s group (can you pick out which one she is?)

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