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$0.49 tortillas, $0.49 flowers, and using ground turkey instead of ground beef!

I’m currently challenging myself to stick with a $70 grocery budget for our family of five. This includes almost all of our breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners + most household products (toiletries, laundry soap, etc.). 

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I have so many thing to share with you today when it comes to how we’re doing on our $70 grocery budget! First off, if you missed yesterday’s post on How to Find Great Markdowns at Kroger, be sure to check it out here.

I had a little time in between two different appointments on Tuesday afternoon, so I ran into Kroger with Kaitlynn and we found some great deals — including $0.99 Sparkling Cranberry Juice!

And we also snagged some more marked down flowers — including one bouquet that was just $0.49 (some of the flowers were pretty wilted, but I was able to salvage a lot of it and combine it with the marked down flowers that were still good from a shopping trip two weeks ago).

And for just $2, I was able to put together two more vases of beautiful flowers that will last us for at least another week!

Fresh flowers just make me so happy! And these were some of the best $2 spent this week!

Tuesday Kroger Grocery Shopping Trip — $22.14 spent

  • Motts Apple Juice — on sale for $1.49 when you bought 4 participating items, used $0.75 Kroger Digital coupon — $0.74 after sale and coupon (this is even cheaper this week!)
  • Hillshire Farms Honey Ham (22 oz.) — marked down for $5.09 (for school lunches)
  • 3 packages of sausage — $1.49 each when you buy 4 participating items
  • Breakfast Sausage — marked down to $1.49
  • Sparkling Cranberry Juice — $0.99
  • Simple Truth Beef Franks — marked down $2.79
  • 2 package of Naan (I love this stuff heated up in the oven with butter!) — marked down to $1.59 per package
  • 1 bouquet of flowers — marked down to $0.49
  • 1 bouquet of flowers — marked down to $1.49
  • Total with tax: $22.41

Want to see more details on this shopping trip? Watch my unbagging video above.

Remember that ground turkey I got marked down recently? Well, some of you suggested I use it in taco meat. And you all were SO right!

We’re not usually big ground turkey fans, but I browned it with the free taco seasoning packet and some water and it turned out amazing and my family loved it!

Psst! Here are some more ways to save money on meat and how to freeze taco meat.

We had some leftover chips and some salsa in the pantry and I used the cheese I got on sale plus the marked down tomatoes and lettuce and we made taco salads for dinner last night.

It was a hit! And Jesse is hoping I’ll find more ground turkey marked down soon so we can repeat this dinner!

And if you have a Kroger or Kroger affiliate, you need to get yourself there this weekend because they are having an amazing Digital Coupon event for Cinco de Mayo. They have avocados for $0.39 (you can get up to 5 in one transaction per card). And they also have…

Organic Corn Tortilla Chips for just $0.99 (up to 5 in one transaction per card!) Be sure to download the digital coupon here.

Tortillas for just $0.49 (up to 5 packages in one transaction per card). Be sure download the digital coupon here.

(My store had the Xtreme Wellness tortillas included, but I heard that most stores don’t. My digital coupons for the tortillas didn’t come off and they couldn’t get it to work so they ended up giving me $3 off per package — which was an even better deal!!)

And finally, you can get Private Selection Salsa for just $0.99 per jar (up to 5 jars in one transaction per card). Be sure to download the digital coupon here.

Thursday Kroger Shopping Trip — spent $9.71

  • Whole milk — $2.59
  • 5 bags of organic tortilla chips — $0.99 each with the Kroger Digital coupon
  • 2 jars of Private Selection salsa — $0.99 each with the Kroger Digital coupon
  • Cantaloupe — marked down to $0.99
  • 5 packages of tortillas — These were supposed to be $0.99 each with the Kroger Digital coupon (as I mentioned above, they couldn’t get my digital coupons to come off, so since it was their fault and they ended up giving me $3 off per package — which made 4 of the packages completely free + overage and the Xtreme Wellness tortillas were just $0.32!!! When you are gracious and kind when something doesn’t work, it’s amazing what a difference it makes!)
  • Total with tax: $9.71

I also logged into my Ibotta account after my shopping trip on Tuesday and discovered that there was another offer to submit a receipt and get $0.25, so I submitted my receipt and earned another $0.25. Hey, it’s only $0.25, but every little bit counts, right?

Want to know more details on my shopping trip? Watch my unbagging video above!

My Grocery Totals For This Week So Far

Total spent so far this week: $64.34
Total left to spend: $5.66 (Stay tuned for updates over the next few days if I score any other great deals!)

Cash back so far: $0.25 from Ibotta for submitting my receipt, $0.50 back from Checkout 51 for buying marked down bananas, and another $0.25 for submitting my Walgreens receipt.

Have you gotten any great deals this week or saved on groceries in any way? Tell us about it in the comments!

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